Cheering the drivers on!
Our drive team :)
Our two drivers!
Winning a match :)
Beyoncé, our RR2 Robot
Winning a match!
Shreya with Beyoncé
The Cotton Eyed Joe
Our first meet!
Programming Lessons!
Outreach Scrim!
Our first meet!
Satellite Operations at SES
Aparna Competing as a LANbro
Team Oreo at MTI
Aparna on Team Oreo at MTI
2017-2018 PG Team Picture :)
b u i l d
We ♡ YWCA Princeton!
We are FIRST volunteers!
Winning Think!
Programming Pop-Quiz!
We ♡ SES!
Team Expo!
Liberty Science Center
Liberty Science Center Women in STEM
d e s i g n
Working with our FLL team DigiMinds
So much pizza! Part 2
So much pizza! Part 1
Pre-season tracks at NJIT
the KOOLEST GALS at queueing
Last Minute Fixes!
Outreach with team Watt NXT?
Jersey bot + winning alliance!
Our build team ROCKS.
Awards at our first meet!
#tb to pre-meet pizza nights and sle
Team selfie! XD
January 29th qualifier
Panera Bread Fundraiser Night!
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Shreya with Beyoncé